A3 Mentoring Advice

In general I like to think that there are three invisible pillars for A3 reports. One pillar is good old fashioned problem solving. A second pillar is communication and collaboration. A third pillar however is mentoring and advising people on A3 reports. So in addition to the recent points of communication advice I drafted for […]

A3 Communication Advice

A client asked me to give some pointers pertaining to A3 presentations and communication points. Here is a list of ten things that I mentioned and a few words of advice pertaining to each point. The following list is not exhaustive by any means and is just intended as some points of practical advice for […]

When to write an A3 report?

A reader named Vimal from a processing company writes in this week with the following question:

Organizations encounter a number of problems of extremely different variety, importance and scale on a daily basis. However, addressing each of these problems using an A3 approach can be very challenging. How do we determine whether or not a […]