Welcome to the A3 Thinking Blog

Welcome to the A3 Thinking Blog. From time to time the authors of A3 Thinking will post articles or updates pertaining to the book A3 Thinking. Drop by and visit when you have free time or send the authors a question. As time allows they’ll take turns answering whatever is submitted.

A3 Thinking Poster

A client recently asked if I had a poster for A3 thinking that they could post on meeting room walls and other locations for the purposes of general communication. I did not have one but agreed to sketch one out for discussion purposes. After that they would adjust it and make their own 24″ by […]

A3 Mistakes to Avoid

Austin Weber of Assembly Magazine does a nice job summarizing some of the common mistakes to avoid in creating A3 reports. Visit this link below to read his write up. Click here for the link to article

Introducing The Lean Edge

Professor Sobek and I had an invitation recently to participate in a new website called The Lean Edge with some fellow lean authors. The concept is that various authors will be asked a question by a guest participant. Each author will answer the question with a few paragraphs of response. The idea is not […]